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The BEGINNING of purposeful networking

Join theXclub and start networking with the right people

Imagine walking into a room where everyone wants to meet you, and you want to meet them.

We create efficiency in how you network, and who you network with.

For founders and  business owners from idea to SMB who need help with challenges like fundraising, finding co-founders, professional services, finding strategic partners and more. Join us and we can help! We curate experiences that are fun and engaging based on your needs. 

For funders and investors from Angel Investors, LP's, Family Offices, VC's, & PE. Are you tired of looking at decks just to find out the opportunity doesn't meet your thesis? Are you trying to either raise funds our invest funds but need a more efficient filtering process? Sign up with us and let us solve those problems for you.

For service providers like software providers, technical providers, professional services, etc., this is the best place to get connected with your target audience. We curate experiences in partnership with you to solve specific problems founders face in a matching format that benefits both sides.

For organizations like Economic Development Programs, Charities, Universities, Corporate Innovation groups and partners who are trying to create an impact, partner with us so we can help you direct solutions with your target audience.  

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A different type of networking

We curate and craft experiences designed to make networking more fun, and more effective.

FXF Quarterly Mixers

Next one coming June 15th!

FXF Startup Splash

Coming in 2024

FXF Curated Dinners

Monthly events starting in April

FXF Golf

Coming in 2024

FXF Business Showers

Coming in 2024

FXF Awards Gala

Coming in 2024

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Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Business in theXclub?

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